My Story

My name is Nancy and I was born and raised in Washington DC. Lets go Commanders! Nats! and CAPS! CAPS! CAPS! I am a proud Latina whos parents are from El Salvador. I have been crafting since I can remember but it was just working with paper goods and I made custom tee shirts for a while. Home decor has always been something that I have had a passion for and working with different color pallets so as you can imagine I have changed the layout of my home many of times haha!

I have been interested and talking about creating tumblers for over a year before I actually decided to create my first tumbler Feburary of 2021. Once I created my first tumbler I was hooked and started creating tumblers for friends and family. I opened up an Etsy store and began selling on there. I found a community and group of friends that have helped me along the way and a mentor that I couldnt say thank you enough to! If you were to have told me a year and a half ago that I would be selling tumblers at a high demand, building my brand at the rate that I am and now oepning my own website, I would of told you that your insane lol! I strive to show my two boys that any and all dreams are obtainable as long as you work hard, stay persistant and never allow others doubt in your dreams cloud your vision.

I am always looking to create tumblers and mugs that bring a smile to each one of my customers faces and make them feel as unique and special as each one of my creations are. To some a tumbler just a simple water bottle or a mug to hold their coffee but to me it's a plain canvas that offers me an unlimited world of possibilities to create and sprinkle a little glitter along the way!

I thank you for being here and sharing this journey with me! Your support means the world to me and my dream.